PETS! We Love Them!

2021 Pet Habits Revealed

Over half of UK adults now own a pet, and numbers have been growing through 2020 and 2021.

With more of us spending time at home, there have been plenty of opportunities for belly rubs and sofa cuddles (not forgetting the many guest appearances on work and school video calls too!).

To find out more about our household pet habits, we asked UK adults to share more about daily life with a furry (or not so furry) friend. Read on to find out more about our favourite pets, and one or two pet peeves…

Pets in the home

What is household life like with a pet in the UK?

Pet owners in most regions spend over 3 hours cleaning each week.

East Anglia
& Scotland
All other regions

The pets we love

Of the UK pet owners asked, the most owned pets were:







Dogs vs Cats

Do you live in a region that is raining cats or dogs?

Mostly dog ownersMostly cat owners

13 Million
dogs as pets in the UK.

The highest proportion of pet owners with a dog live in:

80%Northern Ireland
77%North East

12 Million
cats as pets in the UK.

The highest proportion of pet owners with a cat live in:

62%West Midlands
60%South East
60%East Anglia

87% of pet owners say their pet has a messy trait!

The top given answers were:


Shedding pet hair on furnishings and carpets


Getting mud


Getting food


Litter and toileting accidents

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