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    What can’t I put in my washing machine?

    Some items that can’t be washed in your machine are;

    • Dry clean only items. There is no setting on the machine suitable to wash your dry clean only goods, in doing so you could cause shrinkage, holes or bobbling.
    • Items that are wipe clean only. This includes some stuffed toys, filled bedding and home furnishings. These are not machine stable as they have fabrics and fillings that may be unsuitable to water immersion, the machine’s washing temperature or the spinning associated with a machine wash cycle.
    • Items with large zips. As the machine spins, it can cause zips to thrash around potentially damaging both the drum and glass door.
    • Brassieres. Hooks and under wires can get caught and damage the drum. You can buy mesh bags designed to wash your small items in. This will help to prevent damage to your machine.
    • Items with coins in the pockets. Coins can damage both the drum and the glass door, in extreme cases causing the glass to break.

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