Easy to clean, the hob is very responsive and the oven is fantastic.” Andrew, Tewkesbury Product: Freestanding Electric Cooker BDVI668

Freestanding Cookers

Find the right oven for your kitchen in Beko’s freestanding range. The range features both 50cm and 60cm width ovens, making it easy to find the right one for your space. It includes electric, gas and dual-fuel models for even greater flexibility. The ‘A’ rated or higher EcoSmart ovens in our freestanding range offer a significant saving compared to ‘B’ rated ovens too, letting you use up to 21% less energy a year.*

Stainless Steel Black


60cm double oven electric cooker



Induction Double oven with total clean solution

Silver White Stainless Steel Black


60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker



With its fetching mirror-finish glass doors, this model also has enamel interiors and ceramic hob for easy cleaning. The main oven uses fan heating to ensure food is cooked evenly.



Mirror finish double oven

Silver White Black


60cm Double Oven Electric Cooker

White Black


60cm double oven electric cooker

Black White Silver


60cm twin cavity electric cooker

White Silver Black


60cm Single cavity electric cooker

White Stainless Steel


60cm double oven electric cooker



Double oven with total clean solution

White Black


60cm Double Oven Gas Cooker

Whatever your cooking requirements, Beko has a solution. Fan ovens heat up quickly and circulate the air around your oven, ensuring you get consistent results, whichever part of the oven you use. If you’re on a tighter budget, conventional heating ovens are a great solution and the natural flow of air gives great results when baking our delicious recipes.

Finally, choose a cooking configuration that suits your needs. The Beko freestanding range includes single ovens, which are perfect if you need to cook large amounts of food at the same temperature, or double ovens which allow you to cook at different temperatures at the same time. You can also choose from integrated, separate and eye-level grills depending on your requirements.

*Based on the percentage difference between a ‘B’ rated which was the most bought in 2012, with an ‘A’ rated oven, using EU Energy Label data.