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Beko's refrigeration range has been created to help you find the perfect way to store food safely and hygienically, whatever the size of your kitchen. All our refrigeration products are ergonomically designed to make maximum use of available space, while keeping up with the latest styles.

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EcoSmart American Style Fridge Freezers Save you money EcoSmart Fridge Freezers Save you money

American Style Fridge Freezers

American style, side-by-side fridge freezers offer unbeatable storage space and a stylish and modern look for your kitchen. These innovative products have a larger capacity compared to conventional fridge freezer models, giving you much more space for both fresh and frozen food.

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Take a look at Beko’s range of tall and under-counter fridges and choose the perfect model for your kitchen space. With Auto Defrost and an Antibacterial Door Seal, your fridge will keep bacteria out and automatically defrost, removing any ice formation on the back wall.

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These freezers are perfect for the kitchen and are even suitable for outdoor use, with Beko's Freezer Guard technology. We have a wide range of options, including tall freezers, under-counter freezers, integrated freezers, and even chest freezers!

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Fridge Freezer

Combine your fridge and freezer into one unit with these Beko fridge freezers, offering plenty of options for food storage. With a choice of a standard fridge freezer, or one of our innovative three-door fridge freezers, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

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