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Refrigeration Buying Guide

Refrigeration is a household essential – to ensure food is stored safely and hygienically. Refrigerating or freezing food is the process of cooling a substance below environmental temperature, whether it’s just chilling your everyday groceries to keep them fresh, or freezing home-cooked meals to use at a later date.

The history of refrigeration

Refrigeration has come a long way since the 1920s

Gone are the days we kept food fresh with ice and snow. The earliest forms of refrigeration were holes dug into the ground, lined with straw and packed with snow. People even stored food underwater in nearby lakes to keep it cool. Other ways of preserving food included salting, smoking, curing, pickling and spicing.

The refrigerator started to become an essential household appliance in the 1920s but really took off in the 1950s. Now it’s almost impossible to imagine a kitchen without one.

What size?

Beko has plenty of refrigeration appliances available to suit a number of households.

Short on space?

Then you might want to choose a compact under-counter fridge or freezer which can fit underneath a worktop – ideal for small apartment kitchens.

Have more to store?

If you’ve lots of people in your home, you may benefit from a large-capacity American Style fridge freezer or one of Beko’s traditional combi fridge-freezers in a number of colours and sizes, with a fridge-to-freezer ratio of 50:50 or 70:30. You can also opt for a large chest freezer which can be placed in a garage or utility room and is ideal for storing large joints of meat and other items.

An integrated fridge or freezer is designed to fit into a custom-made space hidden behind a cupboard door to match the rest of your cabinetry, resulting in a sleek look that maximises space in your kitchen (ideal for open plan kitchenettes).

under-counter fridge designed to fit underneath worktops
American Style Fridge Freezer with large capacity
traditional combi fridge freezer to chill and freeze food
integrated fridge with cupboard door to match the kitchen units

What special features does it have?

special chiller compartment keeps meat, fish, dairy at low temperatures

Flexiable Storage Solutions

Beko’s refrigeration range have a number of innovative features to make food storage simple. These include adjustable glass shelves to allow you to accommodate larger items, and several models come with a special chiller compartment to keep meat, fish and dairy stored at especially low temperatures. And for extra convenience when organising your frozen food, you can choose a freezer with clear drawers so you can see exactly what is stored where.

Food Freshness

The primary function of a fridge/freezer is maintaining food hygiene. Certain models come with special features to ensure your food stays free of contamination and doesn’t turn bad prematurely, such as Beko’s Active Fresh Blue Light Technology which prolongs the process of photosynthesis in the fridge. This provides longer storage life of fresh fruit and vegetables while maintaining their natural flavours and nutritional elements, so your food can stay fresher for longer. With separate cooling systems and multiple air vents, NeoFrost Technology maintains optimum humidity and an even temperature. You can opt for a model with a special high temperature warning light so you can be extra vigilant about your food staying fresh. There is also an anti-bacterial door seal on all models to further safeguard against contamination.

Water dispenser for ice and water on tap

Ice and Water on Tap

Several of Beko’s refrigeration models come with a handy water dispenser; this allows you to have ice and chilled water on tap without the need to plumb anything in, with the water tank being stored inside the fridge door.

Other Special Features

As well as easy storage and hygiene, there are several other features you may find useful, such as frost free, which means you never have to manually defrost your freezer again.

Beko’s special Freezer Guard technology allows you to keep your freezer or frost free fridge freezer in a garage or unheated room without the low temperatures causing it to stop working properly (a common hazard with many fridges and freezers).

Reversible doors also allow for greater flexibility if you’re restricted on where to place your appliance.

The Ice Bank Tray in the freezer is a handy addition for making and storing ice cubes.

EcoSmart and energy saving refrigeration appliances

Energy Efficiency + Energy Saving

  • All Beko American Style Fridge-Freezers are EcoSmart, which means they have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust as being energy efficient – helping to save you money and benefitting the environment at the same time.
  • When you are away for a long period of time, the Holiday Mode on selected models will keep the fridge freezer running in the most energy efficient way, saving you time and energy.
  • On every new appliance, you should find an Energy Label. This calculates its energy efficiency in terms of storage volume (in litres), frozen storage volume (in litres) and noise level (in decibels) and shows its energy efficiency grading.
  • All household appliances receive an energy efficiency grading ranging from A+++ – G with A+++ being the most efficient. Beko’s American Style Fridge Freezers have a rating of A+ offering an energy saving of £110 over ten years when compared with conventional models.
Refrigeration care tips

Refrigeration Care

  • Consult your manual for comprehensive safety advice before installing and operating your machine.
  • Never use an extension cable, always connect your model to an earthed socket.
  • Keep raw meat and poultry below cooked food and dairy products, unless there is a specific drawer in your fridge for these kinds of food.
  • Wrap raw meat and poultry loosely in polythene or aluminium foil.
  • Avoid leaving the door open for long periods of time as this will make the refrigerator more costly to run.
  • Don’t consume food which has been stored for an excessive time in the refrigerator.
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