Beko’s wide range of washing machines allows you to find the perfect appliance to fit your needs. Our machines start from a load capacity of 5 kilograms, great for smaller families, and range up to 9kg, big enough to wash a whole king-size duvet and ideal for larger households.

Energy efficiency can save you money on bills, as well as protecting the environment, and Beko’s washing machines have all been designed with this in mind. The range includes 'A++' rated models, which offer a 50% energy saving compared to 'A' rated models. In fact, if you choose an A++ rated EcoSmart washing machine, you save around £20 a year compared to an A rated machine – enough for 92 washes worth of washing powder*. As well as saving energy and money, Beko's washing machines also save water and time too! Machines with high spin speeds of up to 1600rpm mean you’ll use less water on each wash, as well as ensuring your clothes are drier at the end of the cycle.

*Based on a sales weighted average annual saving between all the EcoSmart Beko products within an appliance category versus an A-rated model which was the most bought in 2012. Using an average electricity price of 13.52p/kWh, EU Energy Label data, and includes heat replacement effect. Valid for 2014.