At Beko we're happy to let our customers do the talking…

Not every washing machine, built in oven or American style fridge freezer deserves a recommendation.

There is no better judge of how well our appliances perform than our customers, the people who use them every day. We want to know your honest opinions, so we have teamed up with independent review site Reevoo* to collect and publish your honest opinions on our products.

We have collected thousands of independent reviews and we’re proud to announce our products are recommended by 95% of our customers**.

American Style Fridge Freezers

Washing Machines


* About Reevoo
Reevoo is completely independent. They never edit or censor any of the reviews they receive, good or bad, and they don’t let retailer or brands do so either. Reevoo works with Beko and dozens of Europe’s most respected companies. Wherever you see the Reevoo logo you can be sure you’re reading 100% genuine customer reviews.

**95% Score
Based on reviews in the last 6 months

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