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  • WMB91242L

    • Main Features

      A++ Up to 20% more efficient than A rated models

      Daily Quick Wash: Unique to Beko, this programme can save over 50% in time compared to the normal cotton programme. A full load of lightly soiled clothing can be washed in just 35 mins.

      Xpress 14: 2kg of lightly soiled clothing can be washed in just 14 minutes.

      Eco Clean: An environmentally friendly programme that washes 3.5kg of lightly soiled clothing at 20ºC. It will save you up to 70% energy compared to Synthetic 40 programme.

      XL Door: For easy loading and unloading of even large items like duvets or bed linen sheets.

      Interatvice LCD Display: Monitor the progress of your wash programme and modify settings such as temperature and spin speed. It will also display programme time remaining and time delay.

      Automatic Half Load: Water levels are automatically reduced when half or smaller loads are washed.

    • Dimensions and colours

      H85cm W60cm D60cm

      Black: WMB91242LB

      White: WMB91242LC


    • Quick Wash Programmes

      With the Daily Quick Programme you can wash a full load in just 39 minutes

    • Other Programmes

      Duvet programme

      Baby and Toddler programme – specially designed for baby garments or for those with sensitive skin

      Daily Quick Wash Programme

      Sportswear programme – gentle drum movement ensures sports clothes maintain their elasticity and shape

      Extra Rinse Programme

      Mixed Fabrics Programme

      Many more programmes

    Other Features

    • Energy Efficiency


      Up to 20% more energy efficient than standard 'A' rated models

    • Variable spin speed and temperature

      Puts you in control

    • Ergonomic design

      Easy access and unique design 3 compartment detergent dispenser

      Easy access filter and front service access

    • Rapid Drying Too?

      Partner with DCU9330 Tumble Dryer to get a small load of laundry washed and dryed in less then an hour.


    Full Product Details

Get Connected launched the Get Connected Products of the Year Awards scheme in 2005 to acknowledge the excellence of specific electrical products and product ranges. In 2010 the Xpress 8Kg washing machine won an award in the Garment Care category and the Black collection won an award in the Major Domestic Appliance Range category.