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Tumble Dryer Buying Guide

If you’re part of a busy household, don’t have a garden, or can’t rely on sunny weather to dry your laundry outside, tumble drying your laundry is the perfect solution.

Not only does tumble drying speed up your laundry rotation and make the drying process quicker for you and your family, it also leaves your fabrics feeling impeccably soft and comfortable.

Choosing your machine: Questions to bear in mind

6 to 9kg drying capacity

Many tumble dryers come in a similar size to a washing machine, ranging from 6kg to 9kg capacity. A medium size 6kg drum model can dry up to 17 hand towels in one cycle, while a larger 9kg drum model could dry up to 25, so whatever the size of your household or your washing needs… big or small, there is a Beko model to suit you.

tumble dryer can be stored above washing machine

Some tumble dryers can be placed above your washing machine or stored in a utility room or garage, so installation can be flexible depending on the amount of floor space you have to work with. Other models can fit into custom-made spaces and fit discreetly under worktops for an ultimate, sleek aesthetic so while it may be an instrumental appliance in your house, it doesn’t have to be a decorative focal point.

To make the laundry process easier, when buying a dryer you should consider buying the same capacity or larger than your washing machine’s so that when it comes to drying a full washing machine load of laundry you won’t need to run more than one cycle.

When it comes to purchasing a new tumble dryer, it’s good to bear the following questions in mind…

  1. Does it suit my needs?
  2. Does it have the latest technology?

Does it suit my needs?

Vented Tumble Dryer

First of all, you can choose between a vented or condenser tumble dryer depending on your household’s needs and facilities.

A vented model discharges moisture directly outside either via a plastic hose through an open window or through a permanent vent fitted onto the outside wall so this budget-friendly option will need to be installed next to an outside wall.

condenser dryer extracts water from moist air

Alternatively, a condenser dryer is where the machine extracts the water from the moist air into a container which needs emptying almost every cycle, or can be drained through a draining hose directly into the drain pipe for the models that come with such a hose. They use slightly more energy than the vented models but the models with Heat Pump technology are a convenient and energy saving alternative.

Some machines have sensors which tell them when the washing is dry and then shut off the heater, saving energy and preventing over-drying; you'll pay a bit more initially but will save on running costs in the long run.

Does it have the latest technology?

Beko tumble dryers come with a variety of features to suit your household’s needs and help make your laundry routine simpler:

Heat pump energy to help conserve energy

Heat pump technology

Some models come with special heat pump technology to help conserve energy. Rather than releasing warm air, it reuses it and uses a lower temperature to dry the load, using up to 70% less energy compared with our ‘C’ rated appliances. This means you save money on energy bills as well as providing better protection for your clothes.

For more information on the benefits of heat pump technology, check out our piece here.

special care programmes to suit a range of clothing materials

Special care programmes

Whether you need to dry delicates, jeans, shirts, or baby clothing, you can alter the setting of your machine depending on the types of garments you want to dry. This means you will always have the option of a cycle to match and carefully dry the various materials.

auto cool down phase cools clothes to a comfortable temperature

Auto Cool down phase

Few things beat the feeling of warm, newly dried clothes, so before the drying cycle ends your laundry is blown through with cool air so that it is comfortably warm and not unbearably hot, so you can have that freshly dried warm feeling time and time again!

easy access filter

Easy access filter

For hassle-free cleaning, all Beko models come with accessible filters so that your machine can maintain optimum drying performance.

RapiDry technology

We understand how frustrating it is to wait for your dryer’s cycle to finish. So, we created Beko RapiDry technology to help you save time. This technology gives you the option to dry your clothes on a shorter cycle, even when compared to Beko condenser dryers, while still maintaining high energy-efficiency (A+ in RapiDry mode). And, our tumble dryer with heat pump technology comes with this technology so you can save time and save money on your energy bills too.

anti creasing function prevents clothes getting overly creased

Automatic Anti-creasing function

If you aren’t able to unload your laundry immediately after the cycle has finished, the Automatic Anti-creasing function prevents creases by gently rotating the drum regularly for up to 2 hours to gently separate the laundry so your laundry will remain crease-free until you are ready to take it out.

sensor drying programme prevents clothes overdrying

Sensor drying programmes

Sensor drying programmes monitor the levels of moisture in the drum and automatically stop the cycle once your clothes are fully dried. Not only does this provide better protection for your clothes by preventing them from being overly dried, it also saves you money and stops energy being wasted.

end of drying cycle buzzer

End of cycle buzzer

To save you having to constantly check when your cycle has finished, a buzzer will sound to let you know when to unload your laundry (this can be deactivated if needed) – so you won’t have to waste time unnecessary checking if your load is dry anymore.

Reduced Depth

Reduced Depth

If you can’t live without a tumble dryer in your house, some Beko 7kg drum capacity tumble dryers measure a miniscule 54cm deep! This offers a compact solution to tumble drying, so even if you are short on space, you no longer have to compromise your tumble drying need. It can also fit snugly next to your washing machine, for added ease of loading.

energy efficient appliance

Energy Efficiency Label Explained

  • All machines receive an energy and drying performance grading ranging from A+++ to D with A+++ being the most economical.
  • These energy efficiency gradings can give you a quick glance of how much energy a tumble dryer typically uses.
  • The energy efficiency of the dryer is shown in kilowatt hours per year. Your model will also have a label giving the capacity in kilograms, the programme duration, the noise levels, the type of dryer (whether vented or condenser), and the condensation efficiency class (for condenser models).
  • Some Beko tumble dryers are A++ energy rated and many models are A+ which brings up to 70% in energy consumption compared with our C rated models. And now, one of our new models has an energy efficiency rating of A+++.
  • You can save energy and reduce your electricity bills by not overloading the machine and setting your washing machine at the highest spin setting to do your laundry to reduce excess water before it goes into the dryer.
Tumble Dryer Care

Tumble Dryer Care

  • Consult your manual for comprehensive safety advice before installing and operating your dryer.
  • Never use an extension cable, always connect your model to an earthed socket.
  • Never place the machine on a carpet covered floor, otherwise lack of airflow beneath the machine may cause electrical parts to overheat.
  • Always clean the lint filter before or after each cycle.
  • Never operate your dryer without the lint filter installed.
  • Do not allow fibre, dust and dirt accumulation around the exhaust exit and at adjacent areas.
  • Do not put unwashed items in the dryer.
  • Garments or pillows bolstered with rubber foam (latex foam), shower bonnets, water resistant textiles, materials with rubber reinforcement and rubber foam pads should not be dried in the dryer.
  • Items like underwired bras or any other underwear containing metal reinforcements should not be tumble dried as this can damage the machine if they come loose.
  • Check all pockets for items such as coins before placing them in the dryer.
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