Nan Knows Best is back!

5-minutes to electrical fire safety: Top tips and easy checks when WFH

With everyone spending more time at home this winter, our favourite, foul-mouthed Nan Doris is back to educate the UK with her top tips on electrical safety… and why it’s so important to register your appliances.

Your dining room table is your new desk. A quick bowl of pasta is your new meal deal. Staying in is the new going out.

A lot of us are working remotely and spending more time than ever at home. This means we’re also using our electrical appliances more than ever. We all want to stay safe, so stop what you’re doing and take 5 minutes to learn more about fire safety in your home.

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1. Don't leave your cooker unattended

Look, we get it – you’re really busy but when you’re rushing to cook your lunch between meetings, never leave your cooker unattended and always make sure you’ve turned it off when you’ve finished cooking. Nobody likes burned toast which I’m sure many people get as they try and tackle lunch and e-mails at the same time.

2. Do check that your appliances have no exposed, frayed wires or near water or heat

Damaged wires are one of the top cause of electrical fires and it’s an easy check to make… We’ll all be at home using our large and small electrical appliances a lot more this winter.

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3. Don’t leave your appliances on overnight

you’ve got all the time in the world now so no excuses not to get your dishwasher on and your clothes washed and tumble-dried in the daytime. And while you’re at it, make sure you clean the lint out of your tumble-dryer – this needs to be done regularly!

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4. Don’t let your sockets overheat!

It does know when all the sockets are already full so you plug in and load up another extension cord. If you overload sockets you run the risk of overheating them, which isn’t good…

5. Don’t leave any appliances unattended on flammable items

If you leave your laptop charging on your bed, for example, it can get very, very hot and can start a battery fire. If you’re leaving anything electrical lying around, go ahead and put it on the counter or table. Simple and safe...

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