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UK’s No.1 Best Selling Brand
Making reliable home appliances designed to make your life easier

At Beko, reliability is at the heart of our brand. Through our unwavering commitment to innovation, we integrate cutting-edge technologies into our appliances, delivering added convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind to our consumers, without sacrificing performance or durability.

† Beko is the UK’s number one large home appliance brand.

A Beko tumble dryer

Since 1990
We’ve been selling home appliances in the UK & Ireland

Beko is the second largest home appliance brand in Western Europe, and one of Europe's fastest-growing large home appliance brands, with availability in over 130 countries worldwide. Thirty years ago, Beko launched in the UK, initially offering only refrigerators.

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Simplify your life with Beko's advanced technologies

Enjoy effortless living with our latest product innovations. From HarvestFresh refrigeration that preserves essential nutrients to AeroPerfect cooking for faster, more even results, our appliances seamlessly blend ease of use with cutting-edge technology, simplifying your daily routines.

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Helping people live easier lives is at the core of Beko and our appliances

At Beko, we're dedicated to simplifying your daily life. We prioritise reliability by rigorously testing our appliances, ensuring you can count on them when it matters most. Our products also feature innovative technologies designed to save you time, effort, energy, and money, guaranteeing a stress-free lifestyle.

Peace of mind for you
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Innovative technology to keep food fresh

Speedy yet gentle washing technology

Perfect cooking results, every time

A thorough clean for your dishes, every time

Keeping your home clean has never been easier

A HarvestFresh American fridge freezer An AquaTech washing machine An AeroPerfect oven A HygieneShield dishwasher A Powerclean vacuum cleaner

Change Starts Today

At Beko we’re developing appliances that reduce energy consumption and waste. In 2020, our production plants became carbon neutral and we’ll be continuing to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency to product our environment in the decades to come. Because a healthy planet, means a healthy future.

A new lease of life for plastic

We give recycled plastic a new lease of life. Our RecycledTub® washing machines and washer dryers use recycled plastic bottles in their tubs, being kinder to the planet without compromising on durability and performance. By transforming plastic bottles into high performance materials, we can begin to take small steps to restore the health of our natural environment, saving raw materials and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. In the future, we want to increase the number of parts that are made from recycled plastic across our models.

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Protecting sea life
Reducing marine pollution

We are making efforts to reduce marine pollution by transforming recycled fishing nets and industrial thread waste into high performance, thermally resistant oven parts. Tons of fishing nets and lines are lost every year and this equipment will continue to trap marine animals for many decades to come. By upcycling these nets and using them in our RecycledNet® ovens, we can begin to take small steps to restore the health of our oceans, helping to protect endangered species in the process.

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Energy Efficient Appliances
Creating a better world for future generations

At Beko, we are continually working to make our appliances more environmentally friendly, reducing running costs in the process. Whilst our RecycledTub® washing machines and washer dryers use recycled plastic bottles in their tubs, our RecycledNet® ovens feature parts made from recycled fishing nets and industrial thread waste. We remain committed to developing products that tackle the challenges facing our planet today, protecting our environment for future generations.

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Supporting Barnardo’s
Beko’s Charity Partner


Working together to help the most disadvantaged children and families in communities in the UK. Since 2014 we have donated over £200,000 and provided over 800 appliances to families, as well as young people leaving care.