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At Beko UK, we are dedicated to ensuring that our website and mobile applications are accessible to all users, in accordance with the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018. We strive to provide an inclusive online experience for everyone, and our commitment to accessibility remains steadfast as we continuously work to enhance the usability of our website. integrates accessibility tools provided by AccessiBe, allowing users to customise their browsing experience. With these tools, you can:

  • Adjust colours, contrast levels, and fonts to suit your preferences
  • Utilise a focus toolbar to highlight sections of the website
  • Zoom in up to 300% without text overflowing the screen
  • Navigate the majority of the website using only a keyboard
  • Access content using popular screen reader software, including JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver
  • Disable flashing and blinking animations for a more comfortable browsing experience
Accessibility Adjustments

We’ve also made text as simple as possible and have built the site with the following in mind:

  • Our web pages are designed to adapt to various screen resolutions, ensuring optimal viewing across different devices
  • You have the flexibility to adjust the text size according to your preferences by using your browser's built-in text resize option, typically found under the ‘View’ menu
  • All images on our website include descriptive alternative text tags, enhancing accessibility for users who reply on screen readers or have images disabled
  • We carefully select text and background colour combinations to ensure sufficient contrast, improving readability for all users
  • Our website features a clear and user-friendly menu visible on every page, incorporating HTML headings to facilitate easy navigation and content comprehension
  • Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), we maintain consistent and structured page presentation. Even without CSS support, all essential information remains accessible and readable
  • We minimise the use of JavaScript. In cases where JavaScript is employed, our pages remain fully accessible even if JavaScript is turned off
  • Forms and fields on our website follow a logical tab sequence, enhancing ease of navigation for keyboard users
  • A comprehensive sitemap is readily available, offering insights into the layout and structure of our website for enhanced navigation and orientation

Alternatively, if you're looking to enhance the accessibility of, consider the following tips

If you are experiencing difficult reading on a desktop PC due to small text size, here’s how you can adjust it:

  • Google Chrome: Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner to access Options. From there, select Zoom and adjust the percentage as needed.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Navigate to the View menu in your browser, then choose Zoom. Select Zoom Text Only, followed by Zoom In.
  • Microsoft Edge: Head to the View menu in your browser and select Text Size. Choose your preferred size from the drop-down list.

For Apple Mac users, adjusting text size is straightforward:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Navigate to the View menu, then Text size. Choose between Increase/decrease text size to suit your preferences
  • Safari: Access the View menu and select Zoom in to enlarge the text for easier reading.

To reset your zoom settings to default, most browsers accept the Ctrl + 0 command.

If using a mouse poses challenges, you can navigate selected areas of our site using your keyboard.

  • Use the arrow keys to scroll up and down a page.
  • Navigate between pages using the Page Up and Page Down keys.
  • Quickly jump to the top and bottom of a page with the Home and End keys.
  • Easily move between links on a page by pressing the Tab key.

These keyboard shortcuts provide an alternative method for seamless navigation on our website.

If you encounter difficulty downloading or viewing certain document from our website, here’s what you can do:

  • PDF Documents: To view PDF files, you may need to install Adobe Reader, which you can download from

If you are unable to open or view documents in the following formats, you may require Microsoft Office products or an update to your software package:

  • Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xslx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)

You can purchase the Microsoft Office suite or individual document readers from the official Microsoft website at

This website is designed to function on the most up-to-date version of the following desktop browsers.

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari

Using older browser versions may result in limited functionality. We recommended visiting to ensure you’re using the latest version of your preferred browser for the best browser experience.

How accessible is

We acknowledge that some parts of this website are not fully accessible. These include:

  • Text not reflowing into a single column when adjusting the browser window size
  • Limited accessibility older PDF documents to screen reader software
  • Difficulty navigating certain online forms using only a keyboard
  • Lack of captions for live video streams
  • Inability to skip to the main content when using a screen reader
  • Limitation on the magnification level of the map on our 'contact us' page
  • Inability to modify the line height and text spacing

Sign Language Support

We have partnered with SignVideo by Sorenson to enhance support for our deaf and hard-of-hearing customers. Through this partnership, customers who use British Sign Language (BSL) can now contact a Beko Customer Care Expert via video call. Whether you need product support, want to arrange a repair, or seek purchase advice, our team is ready to help with SignVideo's assistance. To use this service, visit our Contact Us page. You can also find Beko in SignVideo’s SignDirectory or through their SignVideo app.

Connect to SignVideo
Lady signing over a laptop video link
People on bench with tablet

Reporting accessibility problems with

We're always looking to improve the accessibility of the Beko UK websites. If you encounter any challenges when using our site, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your feedback is invaluable to our ongoing efforts to improve accessibility for all users

[email protected]

We aim to respond to all feedback within 14 days. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us

Useful links

For additional information on web accessibility, consider visiting the following resources