Frequently Asked Questions


January 2009


  1. Is it safe for me to continue using my gas cooker?

    Yes. You can continue to safely use your gas cooker prior to the modification being made. However, when the grill is in use, the grill door must always be in the open position. If the gas cooker is not used in accordance with user instructions, an unsafe build-up of carbon monoxide may occur if the grill door is closed when the grill burner is on.

    The safety of Beko products is our highest concern. All Beko gas cookers are manufactured in compliance with and approved to all required current safety standards.

    Instruction booklets are available on the website for reference.

  2. Do I need the gas cooker repaired or replaced?

    We have determined that a minor, free modification will ensure the safety of the gas cookers, even if it used with the door shut, contrary to the user instructions. This modification involves removing a section of the door seal on the grill and will be carried out by Beko plc free of charge.

    The modification has been independently tested and proven to be a fully effective solution.

  3. How long will the modification take?

    The modification will take about 15 minutes.

  4. Who will undertake the repairs?

    The free modification will be carried out by a qualified engineer from one of our Service Partners.

  5. Will it affect my warranty and/or the product performance?

    No, it will not affect the performance or the warranty of the product.

  6. Is this a permanent solution?


  7. Will I be able to see the modification on the product?

    It will be possible to see where the section of the door seal has been removed but this is generally covered by the grill door so it will not be obvious.

  8. Can we arrange an out of hours and/or a weekend appointment?

    The modification can be carried out during normal working hours in the UK from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

    In Ireland working hours are 9.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am to 4.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

  9. Am I able to make the modification myself or use a local engineer/repairer?

    It is important that this modification is carried out by trained professionals and therefore must be done by our approved service provider. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this may cause.

  10. What guarantees will you provide and how can I be confident that my gas cooker will now be safe?

    The safety of our customers is our primary concern. You will be given a letter at the time of the visit confirming that the appropriate modification has been made. We have had the modification independently tested and verified. The minor, free modification will ensure the safety of the gas cookers if used with the door shut, contrary to the user instructions.

  11. Will the person carrying out the modification carry out other repairs?

    No. The person carrying out the modification will visit for that purpose only. On completion of the modification, the engineer will add a safety notice in the area where the modification has been made.

    Any additional repairs that are required are carried out under the terms of your warranty. It is a legal requirement in the UK that gas appliances are only installed by a Corgi registered/Gas Safe registered engineer who will ensure that the modification is made correctly.

    The person visiting on your behalf will not check that the gas cooker has been installed correctly; however, if you have any concerns regarding the installation, you should contact either a Corgi Registered/Gas Safe Registered engineer or Beko on our normal customer service telephone number 0845 600 4911.

  12. Are these products independently tested?

    Yes. The safety and quality of all Beko products is our highest priority and all Beko cookers are manufactured in compliance with all current safety standards, Beko does not place any product on the market which has not passed independent safety testing.

  13. Have you reviewed the design of all of your other products?

    Yes. We have tested the potential risk of carbon monoxide build-up in all our gas cookers. These tests show that the hazard occurs only in the gas cooker models listed on the safety notices and only when the grill is used contrary to the user instructions with the grill door closed. Our testing has been independently verified.

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