Inspired by Nature,
Powered by Light.

Beko’s newest refrigeration technology, HarvestFresh,
preserves vitamins in fruit and vegetables for longer.

A Beko HarvestFresh Fridge

Simulating the Natural 24 Hour Sun Cycle

Beko’s HarvestFresh™ fridge freezers use innovative 3 colour light technology in the crisper drawer to cleverly mimic the 24-hour sun cycle, preserving vitamins in fruits and vegetables for longer**. So you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with more nutritious meals than ever.

Midday Sun

Blue Light - Sunrise

It's time to wake up and start photosynthesis at dawn.

Green Light - Midday

Midday is when sunlight is at its strongest throughout the day.

Red Light - Sunset

Maintaining photosynthesis until dusk, getting ready for night-time.

HarvestFresh drawer with blue lighting HarvestFresh drawer with green lighting HarvestFresh drawer with red lighting
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Refrigeration helping to preserve vitamins in your food

By replicating the sun's natural cycle, Beko's HarvestFresh™ technology preserves the vitamins inside your fruit and veg for an additional 5 days, versus a standard crisper draw.

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Beko helping you to boost your immune system

Beko’s HarvestFresh™ technology preserves vitamins A and C, helping boost your immune system and promote a more nutritious and healthier lifestyle.

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Natural Antioxidants protect the cells in your body

With Beko’s HarvestFresh™ technology, you can relax knowing that your family are eating all the health-boosting nutrients that nature intended!

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Technology that promotes a healthier heart

Beko’s new HarvestFresh™ technology uses innovative three-colour light technology inside the crisper drawer to mimic the sun’s 24-cycle.

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Enjoy a healthier life with HarvestFresh™

Beko, the UK's No.1 best selling large home appliance brand brings you innovative HarvestFresh™ technology that preserves vitamins in your fruit and veg, for a healthier lifestyle.

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The fridge that wakes up ready to start the day.

In the morning, during the first four hours of its cycle, the crisper lights will shine blue, mimicking dawn and the first light of the day.

HarvestFresh drawer with blue lighting
Woman exercising
Woman exercising
A bowl of cereal

Breathing life into your veg throughout the day.

During the day as the sun cycle reaches its peak, the lights in the crisper will shine green replicating midday. This is then followed by a further six hours of red light imitating the more muted tones of dusk.

HarvestFresh drawer with green lighting
Spinach leaves
A man holding an apple
A bunch of tomatoes
A bunch of organic carrots
HarvestFresh drawer with red lighting
A family out for a walk at sunset Discover Range

HarvestFresh™, maintains the benefits
of vitamins in your fresh produce as night draws in.

The crisper drawers then turn dark for 12 hours to represent night-time. The innovative 3 colour technology ensures that fruit and vegetables are exposed to a similar light cycle as they would be, when still growing outdoors, in their natural environment. This preserves vitamins A and C for longer to support a healthier lifestyle.

as seen on TV
The Beko HarvestFresh television commercial
as seen on TV
A collection of whole and chopped strawberries
A Beko fridge freezer, model GNE480EC3DVX
A Beko fridge freezer, model CXFG3691VA
A Beko fridge freezer, model ASGN542S

Beko is recommended by
96% of its customers

A Beko HarvestFresh™ Fridge for Every Home

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** Tested by Intertek. Based on Vitamin C and Vitamin A measurements in tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, spinach and celery directly exposed to the light technology compared with Day 0 conditions over a 5-day period.

Beko is recommended
by 95% of its customers
Beko is recommended
by 95% of its customers

Love the new feature HarvestFresh, salads and vegetables taste so much better and fresher, whole family have noticed a difference, love the style and design. Easy to move as on wheels fantastic feature for cleaning easy to use adjustable feet, plenty of space and storage.

Fridge Freezer, CFP3691V
Andrew, Clackmanann, 10/10

The HarvestFresh drawer really works, vegetables seem to stay fresh for a long time, far longer than other fridges. Nice roomy fridge with handy bottle rack. The black gloss finish looks good.

Fridge Freezer, CFP3691V
Millie, Folkstone, 10/10

HarvestFresh is saving me money as it keeps the vegetables fresh for longer. Thought of everything, a fantastic fridge freezer – best I’ve ever had.

Fridge Freezer, CFG3691DV
Dad, Kilmarnock, 10/10

Large capacity with HarvestFresh technology, keeping groceries fresh for longer.

Fridge Freezer, CFG3691DV
Rubina, Ilford, 10/10

Beko Customer Beko Customer Beko Customer Beko Customer
Beko Customer Beko Customer Beko Customer Beko Customer
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