7 Sep

Family Festival Hacks

Whether you’re keen to introduce your young ones to the wonderful world of live music, or just want an excuse to go camping in the fresh air for the weekend, a family festival is the perfect environment for your little ones.

Mother and daughter on the swings

Being away from home comforts like your beloved fridge or shower doesn’t have to be difficult. These top tips from some avid family festival goers can help you on your way towards a fun-packed festival experience for all the family to enjoy.

Mum in Brum blogger walking with her daughter

Natalie from Mum in Brum is no stranger when it comes to attending festivals with little ones in tow.
She recommends:

1: Dress the whole family for all weather eventualities.

We all know by now that the British weather doesn’t always stay true to its predicted weather conditions. If it’s forecast sunshine, prepare for the probability of it pouring down. And if the forecast is rain, get ready to get your sunglasses on. Make sure that the whole family is dressed with plenty of layers so that they can either add a sweatshirt or coat if it gets cooler, or shed the layers if it heats up. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than being too hot or too cold while trying to enjoy a day out with the family.

2: Don't forget the sun protection.

Even if it doesn’t look like it’s going to be sunny, always throw in your sun lotion and sun hats. When you’re outside for long cloudy days, you can still catch the sun through the deceiving veil of the clouds, so it’s always better to be prepared.

Family sat outside tent at a festival

3: Buy a bigger tent than you think you need.

If you’re sleeping over, you’re going to want a tent with plenty of space. We all know that it’s pretty much impossible to travel light – especially for big families bringing lots of spare outfits and other bits and bobs ‘just in case’. Living in a very small space together can get chaotic if you don’t have a place for everything to help organise your items so always get a tent that’s bigger than the one you think you need.

4: Identify an obvious meeting place.

There’s nothing more distressing than losing one of your kids amongst large crowds. It can be very disorientating for children as well as any parent’s worst nightmare. To be on the safe side, make sure that you point out an obvious meeting place at the beginning of your day where you will all regroup should any one of your group wanders off and is accidentally separated from the rest. Many family festivals have designated meeting points so make sure that the whole family knows where these are before you join the fun!

Caro and family from The Twinkle Diaries

Caro of The Twinkle Diaries has her top tips for ensuring you’re fully prepared for the weekend:

1: Find a wagon!

If you're camping in a tent, you'll need a wagon for wheeling all the kit from the car to the campsite. These are also useful for taking into the festival site if you've got little children — they're a dream for tired legs or for simply carting round all the essentials.

2: Scout out the lanyards.

Make sure you go on a mission, as soon as you arrive, to buy a lanyard with details of all the acts on. It may seem obvious but these often sell out very quickly on the first day so make it a priority to get one. It enables quicker decisions when you find yourself wondering what to do at any given time.

Child wellies in mud

3: Select the right shoes.

Check the weather and take comfy shoes that are suitable for the conditions. Wellies, flip-flops and trainers are a good bet. And wear layers and a hat — it can be boiling hot during the day but when the sun goes down, it can get pretty cold at night.

4: Take some cheap waterproof ponchos.

They pack up very compactly but are enormous and endlessly useful when opened up. They are great for whipping out if you and your family need quick cover from a down pour and fantastic for keeping all your bags and belongings dry when away from your tent or live-in vehicle. Oh, and don’t forget a small picnic blanket! But not your best one, as festivals tend to be crowded so there’s a high chance that people will end up walking on it at some point!

Alex and children from Bump to Baby blog

Alex from Bump to Baby loves how festivals are great places to make memories but always makes sure she’s prepared with these tips:

1: Get your little ones a wristband.

If you’re worried that your little one/s might get lost, then it’s worth getting them a wristband and writing your mobile number on it- just to be on the safe side.

2: Take antibacterial hand gel and wipes with you.

These are priceless, for you and your family to use before you eat and after using the bathroom. Also, remember to pack a bag for wet or dirty clothes and to bring spare clothes with you!

Little girl eating an apple

3: Make sure that you pack lots of snacks.

Any parent will know that children can often seem like they never want to stop eating. Avoid overpriced food that could end up being refused, by ensuring that you take lots of snacks with you. A mix of healthy fruit snacks and savoury snacks will be best!

4: Invest in a travel potty.

If your little one is potty training, you can get some really great travel potties which will make life so much easier. There are even potties you can get that fold down and can be placed into a small bag, which can then be very easily carried around with you. The potty uses liners which are placed on top of it and fold over on either side. After use, the liner can be disposed of as you would a normal nappy.

Being prepared for your family festival is the best way to ensure you won’t be caught out without access to daily essentials like a dishwasher or washing machine. Have any other top tips for a hassle-free family festival experience? Let us know on our Facebook page.