How to replace cooker hood filter?

Our range of integrated cooker hoods offer a stylish, yet practical, way to keep your kitchen clean. By filtering through the air, cooker hoods reduce airborne grease, condensation and smoke, ensuring a hygienic home environment. In order to keep your cooker hood working at maximum efficiency, it is important to regularly clean and replace your filters. For more information on how to clean your cooker hood filters, please click here.

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How do I replace the filter in my cooker hood?

While some of filters in a Beko cooker hood can be removed, washed by hand or in the dishwasher, and replaced, the carbon filter cannot be washed. Instead, the filter should be replaced once every four months.

To buy replacement filters for your Beko cooker hood, please visit our spare parts webpage.

Fitting the carbon filter?

  1. Before replacing the filters, please isolate the hood from the electrical supply by switching it off at the isolation switch. Alternatively, if the appliance has been connected through a plug socket, the plug must be removed from the socket.
  2. Remove aluminium filters by pushing the aluminium filter lock forward. Take care and do not bend the filter.
  3. After the filters are removed, insert the new filters by placing the side with flexible-short tips into the hood.

For more detailed information relating to your specific cooker hood model, please refer to your appliance manual for more information The installation guide for your cooker hood can be found here. If you have any further questions about your Beko cooker hood, please contact Beko's Customer Service at 0333 207 9710 for assistance. Our expert support team will be more than happy to assist and organise technical assistance for you if necessary.

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