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    What are the best washing machine settings?

    Beko has manufactured a range of washing machines to suit busy lives and make life easier for all. Choosing a programme start time is easy with the time delay function which can set your washing cycle up to 24 hours so you can time your washing to start while you’re out and be ready to dry when you’re back. Gone are the days of waiting hours for your daily wash to be complete; Beko’s Daily Quick programme means that you can wash a large load of lightly soiled laundry, up to 11kg in as little as 32 minutes. Concerned about washing delicates? The Silk Care Programme operates on a gentle drum movement that reduces the friction between fibres and provides better protection. For small loads (2kg) quick wash programmes allow fast cleaning. The Xpress Super Short Programme can wash a 2kg load of slightly soiled laundry in a minute 14 minutes. High Spin Speed helps save washing line time and energy by removing more water in the tumble dryer. With an Anti-Allergy programme, those with allergies can breathe easy. This programme is endorsed by Allergy UK and helps reduce the amount of allergens like cat, dog, and pollen allergens as well as bacteria and fungi. This is an ideal addition for hay fever laden summer months.

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