Tumble Dryer Guides

How to activate and deactivate the childlock function on your tumble dryer

You can deactivate the buttons on your Beko tumble dryer by using the childlock function. Please note this function differs slightly across models so if in doubt, check you tumble dryer’s user manual:

  1. Select your desired drying program as normal and press the start button.
  2. The childlock is activated by pressing either one or two buttons (dependant on your model). Locate these buttons by looking for the padlock symbol.
  3. Press the relevant button(s) for three seconds to activate childlock and disable all the buttons on your tumble dryer. If you have a digital display, a padlock symbol will appear whenever childlock is activated.
  4. To deactivate childlock, simply press the same button(s) for three seconds again.

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