Tumble Dryer Guides

How to adjust the dryness level on your tumble dryer

You can adjust the drying level on some models of Beko tumble dryer simply by following these steps:

  1. Select your desired drying program.
  2. Press the dryness setting button which is shows a hanger symbol and a – and +.
  3. By pressing the button repeatedly, you will be able to cycle through the options of dryness, each option will be indicated by a symbol on the display. A minus sign followed by three wavy lines indicates the dryness level will be damp. The three wavy lines on their own indicates the drying level will be normal. The wavy lines and a plus symbol indicates the drying level will be extra dry.
  4. Please note you can only activate the dryness function before the program is started.
  5. Start the program and your Beko tumble dryer will dry according to the level selected.

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