How to level your washing machine

How to level your washing machine

If your Beko washing machine is noisy or vibrating excessively when it’s in use, it may be because your washing machine is not level on the floor. Check with a spirit level if your Beko washing machine is not completely level. If it’s unlevel, your washing machine will move around if you gently rock it. If your washing machine is unlevel, follow these simple steps to adjusting the feet:

  1. Make sure your washing machine is empty and turned off.
  2. Carefully tilt your washing machine back to reveal the adjustable feet. Please note washing machines are heavy, be careful when lifting and moving. We strongly recommend you have someone assist you when lifting, tilting and moving your washing machine.
  3. Adjust the feet by hand. (Anti-clockwise to reduce height, clockwise to increase height)
  4. Check that the washing machine is now level again with a spirit level or by gently rocking it to see if it still moves.
  5. When the feet are at the correct position, and your washing machine is stable, tighten the lock nuts above each of the feet by hand. (Anti-clockwise)

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