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How to unpack your new washing machine

When your new Beko washing machine is delivered it will come wrapped and protected with Styrofoam. To remove all of the packaging ready for installation follow these steps:

  1. Locate the plastic ribbon around the washing machine and pull to easily remove the protective wrapping.
  2. Remove the pieces of Styrofoam from the top and sides of the washing machine.
  3. Locate the ribbon at the bottom of the washing machine, this will usually be attached to a sticker.
  4. Carefully tilt the washing machine back and pull the ribbon to release the piece of Styrofoam from underneath the washing machine then carefully replace the washing machine to its standing position.

Please note washing machines are heavy, be careful when lifting and moving. We strongly recommend you have someone assist you when lifting, tilting and moving your washing machine.

Your washing machine is now unpacked. Next you should remove the transit bolts from the back of the washing machine.

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