Speed has never been so gentle

Beko washing machines with AquaTech® technology clean your clothes in a quicker and gentler way without sacrificing wash performance. Water and detergent cascade from the top of the drum to replace harsh drum movements, resulting in a wash that is up to 50% faster and up to 50% gentler.*

50% Faster 50% Faster
50% Gentler 50% Gentler
Brilliant Results Brilliant Results
Score 8.7 out of 10

Additional Features

Wash Your Excuses Away!

Beko AquaTech® washing machines have been designed with speed and care in mind, saving you time and caring for your clothes, so doing the laundry won’t stop you from spending time with the people you love.

Many British adults are so busy, they still rely on their parents to help with the laundry. But how many? Find out at The Launderette of Mum & Dad

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*Independent laboratory testing – AquaTech® 5kg load at 40°C Cotton Cycle vs standard machine 5kg load at 40°C Cotton Cycle.
**Reevoo impartial owner reviews, last 6 months.