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    Are fridge freezers expensive to run?

    According to This Is Money, a standard fridge freezer consumes on average 427 kWh/year (£62.00).

    However, buying an energy efficient Beko fridge freezer is the best way to ensure your energy bills are as low as they can be. All Beko fridge freezers have a minimum A+ energy rating, so not only will it fit stylishly into your kitchen, it’ll help keep your energy bills down too.

    Additionally, following these energy saving tips can help further reduce your fridge freezer’s annual running cost:

    1. Ensure your fridge freezer is installed in a well ventilated area.

    2. Do not leave the door of your appliance open longer than necessary and ensure they are closed properly after each opening.

    3. Ensure the time between buying chilled food and placing them in your fridge is kept at a minimum.

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