Fast and even cooking with AeroPerfect™

Inspired by aircraft design, the AeroPerfect™ fan distributes a constant stream of hot air more evenly for quicker and completely uniform results every time.

Quick and efficient cooking with Induction technology

The size of your pots and pans is cleverly recognised to transfer heat to only the surface that needs it, offering safer, faster, and efficient cooking.

Pyrolitic Self Cleaning

Turn grease to dust with Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning

At the touch of a button, your oven will heat up to a super-hot 480°C, so that all that’s left to do is wipe it clean.

Save time, water and energy with AutoDose™ technology

AutoDose technology senses the dirtiness of your dishes to automatically dispense the perfect amount of detergent and rinse aid for your load.

Quick Programme

Wash a full load in just 28 minutes

Perfect for busy homes, the Quick Programme on our integrated washing machines lets you wash a full load of laundry in under half an hour.

Built-In Buying Guides

Whether you’re replacing an old built-in appliance or are redesigning your kitchen, our built-in buying guides lets you know what to consider.

†Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2020 ed, as per major appliances definition, retail volume sales in units, 2019 data

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