What type of pans should I use on a ceramic hob?

To ensure your ceramic hob remains in good condition and easy to clean, we recommend heavy gauge coated aluminium or hard anodized stainless-steel pans with a thick base. You can also use good quality enamel on steel or cast-iron pans, but these may scratch the hob surface. Heat resistant glass containers can also be used if they are hob suitable - Pyrex and Boron containers are usually only designed for internal oven use. Avoid using exposed aluminium or copper-based pans. These can leave a microscopic residue on the hob surface, making it difficult to clean.

If you have a cooker with an induction hob, you will need to use induction compatible pans for it to work. Induction hobs create heat through magnetic currents. Without a magnetic material, heat will not be able to transfer from the hob to the pan effectively. For more information, please read our dedicated FAQ that explains which pans can be used on induction hobs .

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