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What to check if your tumble dryer is not drying properly

If your tumble dryer is not giving you the results you expected or it’s taking longer than it should to dry your laundy, here are a few things you can check:

Is your laundry too wet to begin with?

We recommend you use a high spin speed (appropriate for your laundry type and load) when you wash your laundry to ensure items are not too damp when you place them into your tumble dryer.

Are you loading your tumble dryer correctly?

  1. Make sure clothing is not tangled together. Untagle items as you load them into the tumble dryer to ensure they can move around freely.
  2. Avoid under-loading as your tumble dryer’s sensors may not be able to detect the dryness of the laundry.
  3. Do not over-load the tumble dryer, items need enough room to be able to move in the drum while drying.
  4. Do not add more wet items into the tumble dryer mid-way through a program.

Are the filters clean?

If lint builds up on the filters of your tumble dryer, drying performance may be reduced. Read our guides to cleaning single-part and 2-part combined filters.

Is the drying sensor clean?

If your tumble dryer uses drying sensors, ensure these are clean to avoid drying performance being reduced. Read our guide to cleaning the sensors to find out how.

Is the evaporator clean? (Heat pump tumble dryers only)

If you have a Heat Pump tumble dryer, your evaporator and its filter should be checked and cleaned every few cycles to ensure drying performance is not reduced.

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