Mums are cooler and more fun than dads - according to the nations' youngsters

Mums are cooler and more fun than dads - according to the nations' youngsters

We hate to break it to you dads, but mums have been voted cooler AND ‘more fun’ than you in our latest nationwide study.

Polling 1,000 parents and 1,000 children across Britain, we took an in-depth look at how children in the UK aged 6-16 years perceive their mums and dads, and how parents THINK they are perceived. And our research reveals mums officially pip dads to the post in the fun stakes, whilst ironically 71% of confident dads thought that THEY would be seen as the ‘fun’ parent compared to a more modest 48% of mums.

Children said mums were more fun and ‘cooler’ because:

  • She spends more time with them (48%)
  • She lets them watch their favourite TV shows (46%)
  • She makes their favourite food (45%)
  • She’s always laughing (43%)

A huge 92% of children also said they always go to mum if they're feeling unwell and 52% of children said mum helps with homework more than dad.

Our Beko spokesperson and father of two, Jeff Brazier says:
“I do like to think of myself as a pretty cool dad, but know that my kids definitely don’t! Like all parents, I’m constantly juggling everyday life, and it’s planning that helps make my life easier. I’m always looking for solutions that will help me to save time, like ensuring that I have the latest fridge freezer that keeps my shopping fresh for weeks. Any solution that makes my family life easier is a win in our home.”

Here are his top tips on how to be a cooler dad!

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