How does a self-cleaning oven work?

Featuring our pioneering Pyrolytic self-cleaning feature, our self-cleaning ovens heat up to a super-hot 480°C at the touch of a button, turning grease to ash. Once the maximum temperature is reached, all grease, stains, marks and burns are turned to dust, meaning all you have to do is use a damp cloth to wipe clean. An oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning technology is the ultimate time-saving addition to any kitchen. The innovative cleaning feature means there’s no need for heavy scrubbing, the only cleaning you’ll need to do is wipe the dust away after the programme has finished. Ovens without pyrolytic self-cleaning will require a bit of extra cleaning. However, to save you valuable time and effort, all the ovens in the Beko range come with some sort of easy cleaning solution, such as catalytic linings that can easily catch grease and grime. For more detailed guidance on how to clean your oven, please read our dedicated ‘how to clean an oven’ how-to guide.

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