13 Mar

Beko's Touch Control Induction Hob Range

Experience the new way of cooking with the Beko Touch Control Induction Hob.

Induction hob in the kitchen

With its quick and responsive heat control settings, the Beko induction hob HII64400AT offers all the benefits of gas cooking but in the form of an elegant, easy to clean ceramic hob.

An electronically powered coil produces an electromagnetic field meaning the induction hob only heats up if there is a pan on the cooking surface. The magnetic field penetrates the metal of the saucepan and sets up an electric current, generating heat which warms up the food or liquid inside. As soon as the saucepan is removed from the cooking surface, the area turns off automatically. Induction hobs can be used with any magnetic metals pans such as iron or stainless steel finish. For more information, please explore our full range of induction hobs.

Induction hob in the kitchen

Key Features

  • 4 RapidLite induction ceramic zones
  • 9 Cooking levels per zone
  • Timer and buzzer
  • On and off indicator light
  • Wipe clean ceramic glass surface
  • Spilt food won't burn on the hob
Induction hob in the kitchen


  • Auto shutoff if left on for a long period of time
  • Four residual heat indicators
  • Safety Child Lock
  • Heats up only when there is a pot on the surface
  • Up to 43% energy saving compared to gas hob
  • Booster function for quick heating

Programmable Cleaning Oven and Induction Hob

A closeup CGI Feature of the Beko Programmable Clean (Pyro) Oven and Induction Hob.

Beko Induction Hob Technologies

See how our induction hob technology works from the inside.