8 Feb

Benefits Of A Self-Cleaning Oven

For many, cooking is an enjoyable and productive way to spend an afternoon, evening, or weekend. Whether it’s cooking a three course dinner for friends in the evening or a big family roast on a Sunday, the occasions and possibilities to cook good food for our loved ones are endless. Once the meals have been eaten and the plates are piled high, there’s only one thing left to do: the dreaded cleaning!

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How can a self-cleaning oven help?

Casseroles are delicious on colder evenings and Yorkshire puddings are delicious when combined with gravy for a Sunday lunch, but cleaning and scraping any spillages in the oven isn’t quite so enjoyable. This is where a self-cleaning oven can come in handy.

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So what is inside a self-cleaning oven?

Our self-cleaning ovens are equipped with a pioneering in-built Pyrolytic self-cleaning feature so that at the touch of a button its internal temperature is boosted to a whopping 480°C!

Self-locking throughout the self-cleaning process, all grease, stains, marks, and burns are turned to dust in an easy and thorough process. It’s as simple as that.


What sort of programmes do they offer?

Depending on the level of dirt in the oven and the length of time you want your oven to self-clean, a self-cleaning oven like this oven allows you to choose from two self-cleaning programmes; one for heavily soiled interiors (120 minutes), and an Eco cycle which runs for 90 minutes. Not only does a self-clean programme make it easier and save you elbow grease, a 90 minute programme could save you 25% in energy. So select the programme for you and take the kids to their swimming class or to their friend’s while the oven does the hard work at home.

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What happens after the programme ends?

Depending on the length of programme you’ve selected, the oven door won’t unlock itself until it’s safely cool enough to be opened. Once all the dirt and grease is turned to dust, all it takes is a simple wipe with a cloth, and then the oven will be good as new. And that’s it! Your oven will be cleaner to be used time and time again, to make those meals loved by so many.

Now that we’ve explained a bit more how a self-cleaning oven works, how can a self-cleaning oven work for you and your household?

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