8 Aug

Dishwashers that do the Scrubbing for you with AquaIntense®

We understand that washing up by hand can be a chore, which is why we developed the appliances in our dishwasher range with AquaIntense® technology to provide an extra intensive cleaning zone in the bottom basket. High pressure water is used to clean even the dirtiest pots and pans with the help of an extra spray arm, which means you’ll spend less time scrubbing your crockery clean, and more time doing the things you love.

What is AquaIntense® technology?

Our AquaIntense® technology creates an extra intensive cleaning zone in the bottom basket of some of the dishwashers in our range, to help you spend less time scrubbing when there’s a lot of washing up to do. Great for when you have extra dirty pots and pans that need cleaning, the spray head moves a full 360° to create a circular scrubbing motion, while the additional spray arm rotates at 180° to create a more repetitive, side to side scrubbing motion. With the use of higher pressured water, the additional spray arm creates an extra intensive cleaning zone that will provide up to five times improved cleaning performance. You won’t need to worry about pre-rinsing your dishes and glasses before loading them into the dishwasher either, because our AquaIntense® technology will leave them spotless, helping you spend less time washing up after each of your everyday meals.

"High quality machine that looks great. Super silent and cleans to perfection."
Paul from Dewsbury (DEN28320G A++ Energy Rated Dishwasher with AquaIntense® Technology). Confirmed purchase 20 July 2016;

How is a dishwasher with AquaIntense® different to one without it?

In a dishwasher without AquaIntense® technology, only the 360° rotating spray arm exists, but with AquaIntense technology, there is a second additional spray arm in the bottom of the dishwasher. Without this extra spray arm, your pots and pans won’t benefit from the extra scrubbing motion. Our AquaIntense® technology provides up to five times improved performance, which means that even the most stubborn, burnt-on food will be cleaned with ease. Additionally, the water pressure in a dishwasher without AquaIntense® technology isn’t as high, which means there wouldn’t be an intensive cleaning zone that could clean your dishes, pots, and pans as deeply.

Why would I need a dishwasher with AquaIntense® technology?

Here are the top three benefits of a dishwasher with AquaIntense® technology:

  • Save time – With high pressure water and an additional spray arm, an extra intensive cleaning zone is created to scrub your pots and pans for you.
  • Deep cleaning – Thanks to the 360° rotating spray head and an additional spray arm that rotates at 180°, your pots and pans will be left spotless.
  • Improved performance - AquaIntense® technology provides up to five times improved performance when compared to dishwashers without it.