4 Dec

Freezer Guard Technology

Don’t let the sub-zero temperatures affect your frozen food. Choose a Beko freezer or fridge-freezer with special Freezer Guard Technology.


What is Freezer Guard Technology

Did you know that when some freezers or fridge-freezers are used in an environment below 0°C it can cause them to stop functioning? If you plan to locate your freezer in a garage, conservatory, outbuilding or anywhere where the temperature may drop below freezing, Beko freezers and frost free fridge freezers with Freezer Guard technology are the perfect solution.

With Beko’s Freezer Guard technology, we can guarantee that your freezer will work in temperatures as low as -15°C or 5°F.

Please note, the fridge compartment will not work properly in low temperatures, so we recommend you only use the freezer compartment in low ambient temperatures and not the fridge compartment.


But surely a cold environment is better for my freezer?

You would think so – but in fact, there are external parts of a freezer which normally need to be kept above a minimum temperature. These include your freezer’s compressor, which can stop working at low temperatures – ironically you might say – and may result in the appliance breaking down.

Ice crystals

So what happens to my fridge freezer at sub-zero temperatures?

If the outside temperature does drop below a certain level, the fridge thermostat believes it is cold enough and can turn the compressor off, causing the freezer contents to start to thaw. It is possible that the contents of your freezer can start to thaw out and then be re-frozen when the outside temperature warms up without you even knowing.

The food in your fridge compartment on the other hand, will start to freeze at 0°C and below, so we recommend you only use the freezer compartment in these low temperatures and not the fridge compartment.

We recommend you consume the food items in the fridge compartment in a controlled way as needed. When ambient temperature goes back to normal, you may use your fridge compartment as normal again.

Freezer in a garage

Why would I want to keep my freezer in a garage, outbuilding or utility room?

You may have limited space in your kitchen for a fridge-freezer or freezer, or bigger households may need a large capacity freezer where there are more mouths to feed. This is why storing a fridge freezer or chest freezer in a garage, outbuilding or utility room could help save space and reduce clutter in the kitchen.

Freezer Lifespan

How else can I extend my freezer’s lifespan, as well as prevent food from defrosting?

A basic step is to remove any dust and dirt on your freezer’s condenser coils once or twice a year, using a brush or vacuum cleaner. If the coils get clogged with dust, the condenser will struggle to efficiently release heat. The knock on effect is that the compressor will need to work harder to achieve the same cooling effect. By using more energy, this will shorten the life of your fridge freezer. The condenser coils are usually located at the back on your fridge freezer but check the appliance manual for the model you own. Also make sure to unplug everything beforehand and ask for an extra pair of hands to help move the fridge freezer safely.

Freezer Guard technology is included with every Beko freezer and frost-free fridge freezer. Keep an eye out for the special symbol…