7 Jul

Freezers that work in a Garage with Freezer Guard

Did you know that when some freezers or fridge freezers are positioned in an environment below 0°C, the cold temperatures can cause them to stop functioning? That’s why we've developed our Freezer Guard technology to allow you to place your refrigeration appliance anywhere in or around your home, may it be a garage, outbuilding or utility room.

What is Freezer Guard Technology?

Our Freezer Guard technology uses sensors to ensure the freezer carries on working even when the surrounding temperature drops to sub-zero temperatures.

Whether you need to place your freezer in your garage, conservatory, outbuilding or anywhere else in your home, our Freezer Guard technology ensures your freezer will always function properly, keeping your frozen food frozen whatever the outdoor temperature – even if it drops to as low as -15°C.

"There are not many freezers of this size you can safely put in the garage."
Rob from Bristol (FFP1671 Tall Frost Free Freezer). Confirmed purchase 20th March 2017;

What happens to a freezer without Freezer Guard at sub-zero temperatures?

If the outdoor temperature does drop below a certain level, the appliance’s thermostat believes it is cold enough and can turn the compressor off, causing the food you have stored in your freezer to thaw. It is possible that the food in your freezer can start to thaw and then re-freeze when the outdoor temperature warms up causing your food to spoil without you knowing.

Why would I want to keep my freezer in a garage, outbuilding or utility room?

Keeping your freezer outside of your kitchen can help save space and reduce clutter, making a garage, outbuilding, or utility room ideal. You may have limited space in your kitchen for a fridge freezer or freezer, or if you have a bigger household, you may need a second refrigeration appliance for the extra storage space.

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