8 Feb

High Efficiency™ Gas Hob Burners

Cooking on a gas hob offers an authentic and enjoyable cooking experience. We want to help you get even more out of your gas hob which is why we developed our High-Efficiency™ gas burners. Using a special burner design, heat is distributed evenly across the bottom of your pan, making cooking quicker and more efficient than a standard gas hob. For more information, explore our full range of built-in gas hobs.

What are High-Efficiency™ Gas Burners?

Our High-Efficiency™ gas burners are available on both our built-in hobs and freestanding cookers. They’re specially designed to direct the gas heat at a more precise angle, making your cooking experience quicker and more efficient. Thanks to the design of the burner, heat gets distributed quickly and evenly across the bottom of your pan which means that less gas is wasted and your pan will heat up faster too.

"Great oven very easy to use. Easy to clean."
Karen from Accrington (BDG582 Cooker). Confirmed Purchase 29 July 2017;

How are hobs with High-Efficiency™ Gas Burners different to hobs without them?

An ordinary gas hob comes with burners which won’t distribute heat across the bottom of your pan evenly. Although this will still offer great cooking results, the usage of the gas isn’t efficient, and your pan will take slightly longer to heat up. Whereas a hob with High-Efficiency™ gas burners is specially designed to direct the gas at a more precise angle making these burners up to 25% more efficient than an ordinary burner. And, they’ll help you get dinner on the table up to 35% faster too.

Why would I want a gas hob with High-Efficiency™ burners?

Here are the top two benefits of a hob with High-Efficiency™ Gas Burners:

  • More efficient – Thanks to the specially designed burners directing heat at a more precise angle, these hobs are up to 25% more efficient.
  • Faster cooking – Since the gas is used more efficiently, the pan will heat up 35% faster than an ordinary gas hob.