8 Feb

Ovens that Clean Themselves with SimplySteam™ Technology

We know cleaning your oven can be a chore. With the help of SimplySteam™ technology, your oven will do the hard work for you. Water evaporates to give off steam around the inside of your oven to soften the burnt-on food and grease along the back and inner walls, making it easier to clean and helping you save time in your everyday.

What is SimplySteam™ technology?

Our SimplySteam™ technology is a self-cleaning technology available in some of our built-in ovens and freestanding cookers, as part of our easy cleaning solution. All you need to do is fill a tray, like a roasting tin, with 400mL of water, place it at the bottom of your oven and set the oven to SimplySteam™ cleaning mode. Your oven will then heat up to 200°C to allow the water to evaporate into steam, which will soften any burnt-on food and grease that might be stuck along the back and inner walls of your oven. After 25 minutes, all that will be left to do is wipe the inside of the oven clean. This makes cleaning your oven incredibly easy and will take much less time than scrubbing your oven clean.

"Enormous oven, good range of shelf settings. Easy to use controls, heats up quickly."
Michael from Bristol (BXIF35300 Built-in Oven). Confirmed Purchase 7 November 2017;

How is an oven with SimplySteam™ technology different to one without it?

Our range of built-in ovens and freestanding cookers offers a host of easy cleaning solutions to help you save time every day. An oven with SimplySteam™ cleaning technology offers a simple and easy way of keeping your oven clean, only using steam. The only cleaning you’ll need to do is wipe the inside of the oven after the steam cleaning mode has finished its cycle. Ovens without SimplySteam™ technology will require a bit of extra cleaning from you, but not as much as an oven without any type of easy cleaning solution. Luckily all the ovens in the Beko range come with some sort of easy cleaning solution, like an easy-to-clean enamel interior, or an inner door glass that stays cleaner for longer.

Why would I want an oven with SimplySteam™ technology?

Here are the top two benefits of an oven with SimplySteam™ technology:

  • Save time – An oven with a self-cleaning mode means you won’t have to spend your time scrubbing it clean yourself.
  • Easy-to-use – This cleaning mode is simple, only needing you to fill a tin with water, and wipe the inside of the oven clean afterwards.

Our range of built-in ovens range of built-in ovens feature a host of innovative cleaning technologies. To find out more, explore the full range here.